Monday, August 25, 2008

The Act of Remembering--Unpacking the passage part 5

After blatantly disobeying some specific instruction or standard set in your household, have your children ever responded with the excuse, "I forgot." Like, "I'm sorry mommy, I forgot that I'm not allowed to hit my brother." Or "I'm sorry I didn't remember I wasn't supposed to hide my dirty underwear underneath the sheets in my bedding." I have one child in particular who often suffers from amnesia. Thirteen times in the book of Deuteronomy the Lord uses the word remember. The specific Hebrew word carries with it a heavy intent--this isn't like an accidental memory that God refers to. This is a calling to mind, a causing to remember, even a laying out of a memorial. The remember that God is encouraging the Israelites to do is a very conscious deliberate choice to recall the events of their history and particularly their years of bondage as slaves and God's divine and powerful intervention and deliverance from those circumstances. I've been focusing on the theme of choosing life--choosing the abundance that God has set before us like a grassy meadow on a long Sunday afternoon. This kind of life is the kind of life that most of us wish for and dream of but have resigned ourselves to fore go for the sake of keeping up with a society that has forgotten and thus pursue temporary alternatives. How do we continue to hunger and thirst after a life that the majority of the world has forgotten or don't even know about at all? We must remember. We are no different than the Israelites. All of us have seen bondage and slavery at some point in our lives. How many of us are remembering the loving Father that swung His strong right arm into the very midst of that bondage and freed us completely? What do you need to stop and remember right now? What moments in time do you need to consciously and intentionally stop and recall in order to boost your faith in God today? I'm remembering with you today. Read with me: Deut. 16:12, Psalm 25

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